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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #104 – Starting a fad

WNC104This show is full of fun and laughter! Two fantastic people join us this episode. The two men that make up the Fadcast, and that would be Ryan and Pooyah, once again grace us with their presence and things take off from the begining.

As always, we start the show off with a little quiz, thanks to Tom about the month of March. Then we discuss with them their recent trip to North Carolina for the Wizard World comic con. The different people they have met along with some stories from the past. A few convention memories from Dan and Tom as well. Like the best and worst people we have me there.

Thats just the beginning. What we also have in store is a new game Dan brings to the table is called comic book story line, or heavy metal song. Once you think about it, you’ll realize that they both almost have the same title. So much hilarity and good times are had this episode all us promise you will not be disappointed. Let us know how much you love this episode by sending us and e-mail at or tweet at us @ collidingnerds and rate and review us on iTunes. Pretty please!

As for our wonderful guests, check their shit out over at, and you can find their podcast FadCast on iTunes and stitcher and such, and also follow them on twitter @FilmFad

Music by the fantastic Kirby Krackle. Don’t forget to get the new album Mutate, Baby! on iTunes, Bandcamp, and over at where you can find all of their music.

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