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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #103 – Name that TV tune

WNC103This episode is fantastic. We are joined by two wonderful guests. Mr Ivey West from the Block Bluster podcast joins us once again and lays some sage like advice on our asses! Everyone knows and loves Ivey so his company is always welcomed. Then a friend of Dans by the name of Rob also joins us. He just wanted to sit in and see how the amazingness of WNC is made and he was not disappointed.

So much great content is involved. As usual we start the show of with typical banter and jokes, to get warmed up with the greatness that follows. A quiz is brought out to get brains working and loosened up. WE get to know Rob and his love of things Star Trek and Sci-Fi and Ivey annoys Dan throughout the entire episode, which is rather funny.

Then for the episode name sake, Dan pulls out a game called, Name that tune, TV theme song edition. We find out weather or not a few seconds of a TV show is identifiable or not. Feel free to play at home and let us know how you did. Tell us your favorite moments at or tweet at us @collidingNerds

Be sure to tweet to Ivey at @Dorv and Block Bluster @Blockblusterpod And check out all these great podcasts over at the Alien Angel podcast network.

And get all your TIdwater Comic Con info over at the website!

(Music By Kirby Krackle and


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