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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #102 – A Little bit of this

WNC102Woot woot! Dan and Tom coming at cha and we talk about all sort of crazy things. With an episode in true When Nerds Collide fashion we chit chat and discuss a little bit of everything.

We discuss the hot new Supergirl TV show coming out, and who the hell is Ernie Banks? Lets see, we talk about some movies! We give the opinion on a Legion of Superheroes movie and if it would work. Dan goes over some movies he has watched recently including the new Robocop which opens a long conversation about that.. Dan hates a certain commercial, five random comics and the artwork of new artists in the industry that is not very appealing to us. At all.

This episode is packed full of conversation and dirty jokes. This episode is literally what our phone calls and everyday conversations sound like. Dirty jokes and digression at it’s best! Enjoy and please let us know your opinion on any of the topics and what you think. You can inform us by way of the e-mail or tweet at us @CollidingNerds

Part of the Alien Angel podcast network. Check out all the other great shows they have to offer.

Music by Kirby Krackle

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