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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide 101 – Disney and a tribute

WNC101Coming off the heels of our great 100th live episode here is episode 101, the one after 100. That’s how numbers work, after all. Tobias from the Blockbluster podcast walks in from the streets and decides to join us.

We feel like talking about any and everything. Want us to talk about old tv shows? Check! Favorite Disney movies? check! Anything else we are thinking? Check! Its all here. We talk about so much stuff it’s hard to recall exactly all the thing we talked about as I type this, so it’s a surprise to me as well, when I hear it to edit it. We talk animated Disney films and which were our favorites. Along with some of the greats. I remember a rant about what a creeper Snape really is and not this closet romantic the internet think he is, and of course we wrap the show up with a small and loving tribute to Leonard Nimoy. How ihe impacted the world and how much he will be missed. Also, feel free to send us your thoughts and comment to collidingnerds@gmailcom or tweet at us @collidingnerds

Part of the Alien Angel Network where you can find the Blockbluster podcast and also follow them on twitter @blockblusterpod and follow tobias @callmetobias and follow Ivey west @dorv

(Music by Kirby Krackle)

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