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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #100 – Live Spectacular!

WNC100Holy crap it actually happened! We hit episode 100 and it was a blast!! We were live and drinking beers! Well, Dan was. Just like any other show, we do what comes natural – bad jokes, trivia and lists.

The great Tijuana Flats was gracious enough to let us speak loudly into their establishment to entertain the guests. We talk the weather and current things going on. Then the content actually happens. Yes, we have content. We start everything off with a wonderful trivia contest, but a different kind of one then what you are use to and the people loved it. After that Tom takes a quick survey from the crowd to see what they are excited about the most and to round everything down, Dan gives insight on some of the worst comic characters ever heard of. New ones. We thought we had been over them all but apparently there are so many more out there. Also, a slew of guests!

So come and listen to our spectacular fun time live hour of fantasticness as we try our best to entertain a live crowd. We had so much fun and we hope you all enjoy it as well. don’t worry, there are plenty more episodes in the future, so don’t get excited, we’re not cancelled.

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