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When Nerds Collide #99 – Rejected Heroes 2

WNC99This is gonna be great! Bruce Leslie from the Heroes and Villains podcast returns after a long over due appearance on the show. Much like the last time he was on we talk about the heroes that didn’t make it into the Legion of Superheroes.

In a summary, the Legion of Superheroes is a DC based team that consists of super powered people that primary have one really unique power. If someone wanted to join the Legion they would have to go through a tryout to see see if the leaders of the team would want them to join or not. That is basically the idea behind the team gaining its members.

Well, when you get the amazing minds of When Nerds Collide and Bruce Leslie together, you’d be surprised about all the heroes they found that did not make the Legion Team. Each podcaster goes over a small list they “found” of rejected heroes and why they didn’t make the team. This is our second time visiting the rejected heroes and probably our best. Come listen to the many lame and awful heroes that tried to join out for the team and why they obviously didn’t make it.

KNow of anymore heroes that didn’t make it to the team? Let us know at and @collidingnerds

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