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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #98 – Love list

WNC_98I hope you want three guys at the same time cause that’s what your going to get! On this love filled episode Ivey and Chris drop by to give some tips on and about love.

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s day than with lists! Lists galore! Ivey was nice enough to bring along a sweet list about love triangles and what we remember about them from TV. You know, the triangle we all wanted to be apart of. Dan kinda does the same by pointing out some of the most awkward sex scenes in movies. The really funny ones that we thank God that we were never apart of.

Since Valentines is coming up and you have no idea on what to get that certain someone in your life, have no fear cause Chris is here! He has once again scoured Amazon for you to find you that one gift that will make things special on this day of love.

So fill your mouth full of candy hearts and fill your soul with the happiness that When Nerds Collide bring you. Never forget, we won’t leave you or do you wrong like that son of a bitch who told you that they had to work late at night only to find several hotel receipts crammed in the car console resulting in a complete breakdown cause out of all things, your parents liked them, they really did.  We are hear to tell you, that we love you enough to be here for you every Sunday on the Alien Angel podcast Network.

Do you love us? Let us know at I mean, its not like we check our e-mail every five minutes wondering if you’ll say something to us. We’re not desperate. We love your bedroom drapes, by the way.

Come tell us in person you love us by joining us at our live show on February 21st at Tijuana Flats in Va Beach! Here’s a cool map on the location. Hope to see you there! In short shorts.


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