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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #93 – New year, New bits, New stuff!!

WNC93Oh man, what a great start to a new year. Another jam packed episode for your entertainment is here. I mean of content and comedy, not actual jam. Although that would be cool if we sent our listeners some jam. We should definatly do an episode all about jam. Strawberrry.

Anyway, we welcome the new year with new bits, and new guests and new puns. Tobias once again joins us and we welcome him and new to the show, is the running joke himself, Mr. Chad Richardson joins us. The man who falls asleep listening to our show now falls asleep while on it.

We talk what we got for Christmas presents and what lots of our wonderful listeners got as well. We love stuff and toys and we go on and on about it.

We talk about what happened to banned cartoons, Dan has a general knowledge quiz, Chad bring a top ten list and we welcome the first new bit of the year, Short Sitcoms. If i was voicing all this great stuff to you, I would pass out from the lack of oxygen because of everything I just mentioned. That’s how mush wonderful stuff is in this one episode.

So ring in the new year with a new and fantastic episode of When Nerds Collide. By the way, never forget how much we love you.

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Music provided by Kirby Krackle

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