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Block Bluster guest spot about Captain America: The First Avenger


They Guys over at Block Bluster were cool enough to invite me over to talk a little about one of my favorite movies, Magic Mike! I mean, Captain America! Ivey West and Tobias Ellis were great to record with and could be more fun to talk to.

It was great to do a show on just the Cap movie, and as a Cap fan it was a blast. We talk about World War II and it’s real life comparison to the film, and we tackle the big question that people always asked after seeing this movie, where are all the Nazis?

Also, I was a little tired going over there to record so I’m a little more calm than I normally am, not as  animated as I would have like to have been but I feel it still came out very well. A calm Dan is still an entertaining one. What do you think? Let us know and don’t forget to follow and listen to Block Bluster!

Check out their Facebook page here and their other many great episodes here. Find them on iTunes and Stitcher. Part of the Mind of the Geek radio network

Follow Block Bluser here –> @blockblusterpod

Tobias here –> @callmetobias

Ivey Here –> @dorv


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