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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #77 – A Sentry of lies

77In this fib filled episode we talk about things that never happened! Starting with the amazing creation of the Sentry, and by amazing I mean completely made up, we tell stories that never happened. Huge fake things that we have been told that is so preposterous there is no way it ever happened. However, the stories can be so intriguing that your ears demand more of this fantasy! So come listen and relate to the tales that never happened but you wish it did!

Many other fun filled topics are discussed as we record this episode on the back of a mighty griffin as we weld our swords of awesomeness and battle axes of Justice! Right after we got done recording we were forced into an interdenominational portal through space and time where we found ourselves freeing a planet from tyranny at the hands of our very own doppelgangers that were from a planet where green means stop and red means go! After defeating our goatee wearing evil twins we were bestowed with gold and jewels and the King of the planets 37 1/2 virgin daughters! However, when traveling back to our time and dimension, our gifts were disintegrated as they could not survive the trip. And I forgot to press record on the laptop. My bad.

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