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When Nerds Collide #69 – Patriotic Films

69On this red, white, and blue episode I bring to you the mighty Tobias! He joins me in studio to talk the films that make you feel like a patriot. The films that make you want the good guy to win for the cause of his country! Make you feel proud, we will!

The best thing about this guest, is that I believe that Tobias brings something to the show that I cannot, intelligence! Holy crap this guy was amazing to talk to. So many great points of views and insight on the topic at hand. The man knows hos films and that’s why I thought he would be perfect to have on and I wasn’t wrong. I was so intrigued about what he had to say about some things that I don’t even think I swore a whole lot. Which is really saying something cause the “fuck” is normal every third fuckin’ word in my vocabulary.

So we hope you enjoy some of our thoughts on some patriotic films! I know I probably missed some, but these were the ones I thought of. If you want to fuss at me for forgetting a few or give insight on the ones we did mention, please let me know at or message me on twitter – @collidingnerds. Rate and review me on itunes. please? I’ll give you a dollar.

Check out some of Tobias’ writing over at Mind of the Geek and his new project over at Film Fad and keep and eye for his new show Block Blustery.

Also, follow him on twitter @callmeTobias

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