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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #65 – Indy Pop and Tabletop

65I like the title cause it rhymes. On this informative show Matt Quiett joins me and we talk about many wonderful things!

The Nerds Domain just went to the first ever Indy Pop con and many wonderful experiences happened for them. Come listen to how great and successful the con was. Matt talks all about the great guests they talked to and some tips on podcasting and what made him do all the things he love.  Including gaming, podcasting, Omega Nerds and the upcoming Gen con the list goes on about how mush stuff the guys over at the Nerds Domain have planned

Then Dan talks to him about the wonderful world of tabletop gaming. Matt runs such a game and Dan wants to know what it takes to do that. Whats makes a good dungeon mater/keeper? How does one make an amazing storyline and game. So many great stories come out of this conversation and interesting points are made. Could you run a table top game if you wanted? Well, listen in and maybe Matt gives you the pointers you need to run a great game that you are interested in. Trust us, there is a tabletop game for every interest out there!

Check out all of Matt’s shows and projects at Nerds Domain or even  over at the Ωmega Nerds.

Local listeners don’t forget to check out the Tidewater Comic Con information page.

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