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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

When Nerds Collide #60 – The war within the stars

60May the 4th be with you! This episode is filled to the brim of Star Wars goodness! It’s kinda like that time Aunt Beru poured you to much blue milk and it over flowed and you spilled it on the table only to cause uncle Owen to get mad at you thus forbidding you to go out with your friends to buy some power converters! That’s how much fun this episode is!

Joining the show is reoccurring guest Rob, and good friend Darrin. Star Wars nerds get together here and talk all bout the films and what makes them great. The guys give there Star Wars credentials and the nerd talk starts. From the minds of three Star Wars fans/nerds we tackle tons of questions and topics. Who shot first? Is George Lucas really a jerk to his fans? Are the special editions better? Whats with the uncomfortable love connection Darrin has with Bobba Fett?

In the spirit of WNC, we also have our classic theme of fun facts and trivia! Who’s a bigger Star Wars nerd? Rob or Darrin? come find out! (btw, It’s Darrin) All this and more is waiting for you with a push of a button! The play button! So think of a great Star Wars reference to add about listening to this episode, because all the ones I can come up with are pretty cliche and unoriginal. Like, listening to this show makes it you feel like your inside of a TaunTaun, warm and happy! See what I mean?

Also please enjoy the Kirby Krackle song Moisture Farm featured at the end of this show.

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  1. Thanks for rocking our jams, dudes!


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