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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

Guest spot on the Mike Federali Show



As we have talked about many times, we are having our first ever comic convention here in our area. A few episodes ago we had the founder, Mike Federali on the show to talk about it (if you want, you can find it here, episode 46). He was such a cool guy, that he invited us on to his show, The Mike Federali Show! Huzzah!



We talk many topics and have a great time. your typical nerd talk and geek speak. Of curse what nerd cast would be complete without its trivia question? As expected, Dan fails miserably while Tom reigns supreme. Jokes were had and memories were made and a friendship blossomed like a desert rose! Also, some recurring characters that show up in our show, Yank and Doodle accidentally made their way onto Mike’s show. So I apologize if we keep bringing them up. Mike and Jacob were wonderful hosts and we look forward to future collaborations with these two swell guys.

So come listen to episode 13 of the Mike Federali show starring When Nerds Collide!

You can Mikes show on iTunes and Stitcher as well as


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