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Wrestling flashback – The Road Warriors

At one point in time, I was a huge fan of professional wrestling.  I caught that particular bug when I watched Hulk Hogan defeat the Iron Sheik for his first WWF title in 1984.  One of my favorite tag teams is the Road Warriors. Hawk and Animal were on the cover of every wrestling magazine at the time and set the standard for all the teams to come. When I first learned about them, they were wrestling for the AWA, and the AWA was not televised locally, so I couldn’t wait for them to jump ship. Soon enough, they came to the NWA and I was amazed. They were the most dominating, physically impressive team I had ever seen. They quickly became the NWA tag champions, and over the next several years, held every set of tag belts available. They remained active for many years, together and solo, and always impressive.  Sadly, Hawk (Michael Hegstrand) passed away in 2003. Animal (Joe Laurinaitis) has wrestled sporadically  since then and is now semi-retired.  But I will always  remember the thrill of these guys coming to the ring and the incredible performances they used to give. road-warriors_288x288


Road Warrior Animal





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