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So, Gambit got cancelled….

1380232433_cvrGambit’s final issue #17 was released not to long ago. Am I devastated? No. Not really. I’m upset a little. I loved this short lived series but I felt it wasn’t as good as it could have been. I love Clay Mann’s art and the story lines from James Asmus was well done, but all in all in there just seemed to be a lack of enthusiasm in the books. Oh, and a mediocre ending with plot holes and elements that didn’t need to be there. Now I know how Tom felt when DC cancelled The Legion of Superheroes. I not going to bore you with the rant of a fan boy. I’m not Tom. I do suggest picking up the first couple of issues in thie series. I enjoyed them a lot and perhaps you will too. Au revoir, Mr. Lebeau, may we meet again in the future, maybe in a cool mini series!

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