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Dan’s introduction to Stephen King

I was never a big book reader. Always too busy with other things. Plus I always felt like I had a short attention span, so every time I read something, I might forget what it was and re-read it several times! lol I guess I just needed to find the right books to catch my attention.

the-mist-2007One day my wife handed me The Skeleton Crew.  a collection of short stories by Stephen King. One of the stories in the book was called The Mist. She told me that if I get though that and I liked it, she had another book in mind she wanted me to read. I read the Mist, and loved it. I thought it was an excellent story. It was something different to me and having never read any Stephen King before, it was kinda freaky to me as well. I even really enjoyed the 2007  film with Thomas Jane. I thought the translation was done really well, and the ending that happened in the movie was amazing.



dt1Since I loved it so much, my wife handed me the book she has always loved, the Gunslinger. I was a bit reluctant but after starting it, I really got into it. I thought it was a really interesting story and characters. I actually wanted to read more and find out what happens. So I did. The second book of the series, The Drawing of the Three, was probably my favorite book, Lots of suspense and action in this book. I really enjoyed it. After that one, I kept going. I still think they are all an amazing run of books. I highly recommend them to anyone I talk to.




Now, I’ve read lots of other works by Mr. King but the only other one that I really loved a lot was Under the Dome. I couldn’t put this book down. The story, the situations, the people, it was all so compelling to me and I loved it. I have such vivid imagery tied to this story. They have recently come out with a T.V. show based on this book that I love so much. I’d rather not talk about that. It’s so far away from the original story, it should be titled something else.

So as a person who rarely reads I have been really impressed with Stephen King. So far I have enjoyed all of his books that I have been able  to get through. I look forward to reading more in the future and even pick up some of his older works. My bookshelf is going to be full of his books, or at least the ones my wife says I would enjoy.





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