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Kirby Krackle

KK Sean Dove green logoI’ll admit it, when I first head of Kirby Krackle I assumed they were just a goofy parody band. Songs about comic books characters, video games and pop culture I was expecting to hear the same 4 note synthesizing repetitive poppy sound.I could not have been more wrong. These guys are amazing!

The first time I was exposed to their amazing music was actually from the video game Rock Band. They have two songs in the Rock Band Network, Ring Capacity all about Green Lantern and Vault 101. Being an avid lover of Fallout 3 I was drawn into this song by the first verse. I stopped playing the game and just listened to the song. Don’t believe me? Check it out –

The thing I love most about these guys is that the references in their songs are dead on. The content of the songs don’t have lyrics that skim the surface of the topic and tell you the things you already know. They are obviously huge nerds who know the material and incorporate it well in their rockin’ riffs.

You might be saying to yourself, but I’ve heard “rock” songs on the internet that are about Superman and Mario. Whats the difference?

Let me ask you this, do the third rate songs you listen to have in-depth topics about Uatu? Mario Cart? Being a henchman? Saturday morning cartoons? Playing the Wii naked? The Great Lake Avengers? Well??!! Do they!! Of course not, cause they arn’t as cool and great as Kirby Krackle!

They thing I love the most is the fact that I can totally relate to a lot of their songs. Growing up a nerd and reading comics, I couldn’t relate to a lot of the rock songs about there about having to choose between two cheerleaders or being popular. What I can relate to for example is one of KK’s songs, “Another New Crisis” all about the comic market being over saturated with major story lines. I’ve felt that way for a long time.

“Events are getting out of hand!
I’d kill for a one-shot on the stands.
And wars, of all kinds breaking bank! ”

“We’re going home” is another one that I totally get, all about comic conventions and the excitement behind them.

“It’s like a Mecca for geeks in a star-filled sky
Where you can meet all your heroes and none of them fly”

Needless to say, anyone out there who is a nerd/geek will love this band. From the great nerd filled topics to the rocking music to back it up, this band is the real deal. Their music should be in everyone’s collection and should also be played over the loud speakers in comic conventions.

To get all their music click on either banner on the top or bottom of this page to their site. Also, since they are cool enough to let us use small parts of their songs in the pod cast, we have a permanent link to the site on the front of the webpage so it’s always there when you need great music. They have several albums out available to buy on the site, and iTunes and Bandcamp. Don’t forget to buy one CD to play and listen to, and another to leave in the package. It’s the code of the nerd after all.


Here’s one more clip in case your not convinced that they are the greatest band in the Multiverse.

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