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Final Fantasy VI (or III)

I’ve been a fan of the Final Fantasy series the first one came out in 1989. I remember being 8 and thinking how amazing this game was because I had never seen anything like it before. I’ve played the majority of all Final Fantasy games that have come out, save some of the ones that were released on the Gameboy and the PSP. Out of all the Final Fantasy games and the experiences I’ve had playing them , the one that sticks out the most, the one that impacted my video game life, the one that created wonderful memories and the love and respect for RPG’s  today –

Ff6-logoEvery gamer out there has that one game that impacted their life greatly as a kid. After reading that sentence, the gamer inside you just remembered that game and I’ll bet a tiny smile just ran across your lips. That memory is Final Fantasy VI to me. I was in middle school when the game came out and I remember picking it up. I was a huge fan of the first one, and Final Fantasy II was a blast, so I really wanted to see what VI was all about.

247838785713584876_vxTMXb88_fAs soon as the game started I knew I was in for a real treat. When the dark ominous music starts up and the title fades in, you start off as  Terra  in that Magictech armor and she doesn’t remember anything! Who doesn’t love a good amnesia plot line? So much plot unfolds in the first five minutes it was amazing. You meet Locke, you control two different sets of parties, so much is going on I’m thrilled with all the excitement that is happening. I was loving the graphics as well. Final Fantasy VI on the Super Nintendo looked fantastic for that time. I was only in to this game for about 10 – 15 minutes and I already knew this game would change my life.


Final_Fantasy_VI_Final_KefkaSot it began. This game was full of action and adventure and romance it had every element you could ever want in a story. One of my favorite things about the story was the fact that half way through the game, the bad guy actually won, and the world was destroyed. It was like starting a brand new game! Thank goodness you got to keep all your gear and equipment cause if I had lost it all I don’t think this would have been my favorite game. Having to recruit and find all your friends then defeating Kefka never got old. This story line was always a great catch to me and It seemed to never stop. On top of all the action and suspense and humor, OPERA! A freakin’ opera happens in the middle of the game and it was great! The score for the music was memorable and touching. It was odd place for a plot line, but no one cared cause it was unlike something anyone had ever seen!

Final.Fantasy.VI.full.1362400With a myriad of characters to choose from and the back story for each one, it was difficult not to get attached to at least six of them! There was a character to suite anyone’s favorite  personality. An old man, a little girl a thief. A monarch his rebellious brother and a Knight of the old code. A sacred woman who does not remember her past. The traitor the lover, the gambler it goes on and on. It’s extremely difficult to walk away from this game without a favorite character. One of mine was Edgar. A suave King with the love for the ladies.

Like I said before this game was very influential on my life and always will be. I still have the Super Nintendo cartridge from when I was a kid, and I also have the ROM for it.  Needless to say I will never stop loving this game and I highly recommend it to everybody who enjoys RPGS. Or just video games in general.


mog02Below you will find Youtube videos of a group of cool guys called The Cartridge family covering some tunes from Final Fantasy VI. You can find more they did under their Youtube account by clicking the picture below. Please check them out and enjoy their performance.


Also, for your entertainment please enjoy the commercial for Final Fantasy VI from back in 1994. It makes no sense but I do remember seeing this.


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