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Character Spotlight – Shatterstar

2605771-shatterstarDuring episode 25 about C-list characters I had mentioned that one of my favorites was Shatterstar. Look at him! He so cool looking. With that awesome hair and those cool swords. Plus, he also the son of two of my favorite characters, Longshot and Dazzler. I remember reading X-Force growing up and besides Cable, this was the other character that stuck out the most. Didn’t care much for his costume change over the years, I’m a fan of his original look. The one thing that always made me feel bad about Shatterstar was the fact that  his home world was under constant battle and he traveled to our dimension to seek the aid of the X-men. Instead he came across X-Force. Cable said told him in exchange for his fighting service for their cause, they would help Shatterstar fight for the cause of his home world. The only catch is that Cable made it abundantly clear  in his inner monologue, that he never said when they would help. I guess that the mutant gene isn’t the only thing that passes through the Summers’ DNA. So does being a manipulative dick.

I know what your thinking. Your probably going to mention something about Rob Leifield’s art and blah blah blah. That didn’t bother me to much back then. Leifeld’s art is what made X-Force memorable. I really loved and remember that title cause that when it got really good and it had so many other characters I loved. Domino, Cannonball, Rictor, Boom-Boom, Feral you know,  the big named characters that people still talk about today (insert sarcastic tone).


Check out the full ShatterStar origin here.

And X-Force, here.


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