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PicMonkey Collage03Everyone else has given their opinion on the matter, so whats one more that readers don’t care about!?

I don’t care about Ben Affleck as Batman. In fact I think he’ll do fine. The Man of Steel sequel is looking to cast an older experienced Batman, not a reboot of the franchise starting from the beginning. Ben has got the acting chops for the gig. Like him or not, he’s good at his job. Speaking of which, I have never understood why the general public doesn’t like Affleck. Daredevil? GiGli? First off, I liked Daredevil, secondly every actor has made a flop or two, doesn’t mean he is a bad actor. History repeats itself when actors are cast in a role that surprises everybody, and they do a great job.  I guess all I’m saying is at least give him a chance before we start hating on the guy. Lets just wait until 2015 and see. Then we can let the hate flow like lava though the streets of cynicism.


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