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Who drew this Captain America? ***Updated***

DSCF7186Years ago my dad was working in Delaware and he went into a comic book shop. He bought my brother audio book cassettes of excerpt from the Lord of the Rings trilogy read by Tolkien himself, (which was really cool) and he bought me this original artwork piece of Captain America.

I have no idea who drew this. Dad said the owner of the shop had booked this artist and he came in and drew it. Then he had decided to color it but changed his mind. You can see faint blue and red on Cap himself. All of my friends have no idea either, and I have a lot of friends cause I’m super popular. And by all my friends I mean I just asked Tom and he didn’t know.

So if anyone out there has any idea on who might have drawn this, it would be gratefully appreciated.



***UPDATE***     So, after going through a bunch of wonderful friends on Twitter, the Cap mystery has been solved. People started speculating that it looked a lot like Kieron Dwyer. How do we find this out? Why not as him? So a friend sent Mr. Dwyer a tweet and next thing you know, I get a response from him.  He said that it is a picture of an older artwork of his, but he didn’t draw it. Basically, it looks like someone has drawn a Dwyer Captain America on a canvas or he just inked over a large copy of it. Either way, the mystery has been solved. Well, kinda. I still don’t know how actually drew this piece, but that’s cool. I still appreciate the fact that my dad bought this for me.

cap mystery


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