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Toy Box – Marvel Legends Captain Marvel

WP_20130702_006finalI loved Marvel Legends. Especially when they were cheap and affordable. During the series 15 wave, or the M.O.D.O.K. series one of my all time favorite characters got the Marvel Legends treatment. Mar-Vell aka Captain Marvel. I was super excited about this one that I think I bought three of them but could never find the variant.

Captain Marvel137_capmarvel_variAlmost every figure from the Legends line had a variant.Mar-Vell’s variant was his son, Genis-Vell or Legacy. Or Captain Marvel. Or Photon. Whatever he wants to be called. These are easy to come by on eBay or Amazon or anywhere really. I like the sculpt of it and as always many articulated joints. My only problem with it, is that Mar-Vell looks like he has a hump, cause I could never stand him up straight. He always looked to me like he was ready to take off and fly or has mild case of scoliosis.

If you would like to learn more about Captain Marvel, Tom and I made our first appearance on the Heroes and Villains pod cast talking about Mar-Vell. You can find the link to the episode here –

Episode 18 of Heroes and Villains – Mar-Vell, the other Captain Marvel

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