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Citizen Nerd on Etsy


Citizen Nerd is a great way to get some custom-made nerd/geek crafts for your personal collection! There are three crafters (Julie, Kate and Shannon) that do kind of thier own sections of the Etsy store. Kate does home decor stuff ( dresses, curtains, pillows), Shannon does the scrapings you’ll see on the page and then Julie does the paintings. They had just started it as a small summer project, but they did so well that their inventory completely sold out. They are hoping to start primarily working on requests rather than just continuing to generate work. So they really are open to whatever kind of piece anyone wants. They do Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Pokemon just to name a few but again, they are open to whatever. They could not be more friendlier or nice. They are great people to work with.

You can contact them either by starting a conversation on our Etsy (, liking them on Facebook (just search Citizen Nerd) or following  and talking to them on @CitizenNerdEtsyon Twitter. Like everyone else on Twitter the majority of the conversation are started there, but you can send them a DM if you’s like and they will definitely get back with you.

Here are some examples of their work –


Group1Game of Thrones painting collection. The set is offered at $40, and they’re all 5″ by 7″ acrylic paintings.




DoctorPillow1This Doctor Who pillow goes for $10 and it’s about a 14″ by 14″ cotton pillow.






This is a peice from their Pokemon collection. These are just 4″ by 5″ acrylics and they are willing to make whichever Pokemon is requested. Eventually they will get around to making all the Eevee evolutions, but that hasn’t happened yet.





These scrapings  vary in size and color, so just about anything can be made. They usually range between $10 and $12.



So please when you can, go to their Etsy page and request something to make the decor in your house look awesome!!  As you can can see all three of them have the talent to do so!

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