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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!


Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 in Comics, Books and Such | 0 comments

Everyone else has given their opinion on the matter, so whats one more that readers don’t care about!? I don’t care about Ben Affleck as Batman. In fact I think he’ll do fine. The Man of Steel sequel is looking to cast an older experienced Batman, not a reboot of the franchise starting from the beginning. Ben has got the acting chops for the gig. Like him or not, he’s good at his job. Speaking of which, I have never understood why the general public doesn’t like Affleck. Daredevil? GiGli? First off, I liked Daredevil, secondly every actor has made a flop or two, doesn’t mean he is a bad actor. History repeats itself when actors are cast in a role that surprises everybody, and they do a great job.  I guess all I’m saying is at least give...

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When Nerds Collide #24 – Atari 2600

Posted by on Aug 24, 2013 in Comics, Books and Such, Podcasts | 0 comments

24 episodes later, Dan and Tom finally talk about video games and they start it off with the Atari 2600.  They go over a brief history of the console itself along with a small mention to the 5600 and the 7800. Tom goes over a small list of his favorite games and we try to teach everyone a thing or two. Listen in and take a stroll down memory lane with one of the first home consoles.  Play in new window |...

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Who drew this Captain America? ***Updated***

Posted by on Aug 19, 2013 in Comics, Books and Such | 0 comments

Years ago my dad was working in Delaware and he went into a comic book shop. He bought my brother audio book cassettes of excerpt from the Lord of the Rings trilogy read by Tolkien himself, (which was really cool) and he bought me this original artwork piece of Captain America. I have no idea who drew this. Dad said the owner of the shop had booked this artist and he came in and drew it. Then he had decided to color it but changed his mind. You can see faint blue and red on Cap himself. All of my friends have no idea either, and I have a lot of friends cause I’m super popular. And by all my friends I mean I just asked Tom and he didn’t know. So if anyone out there has any idea...

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Toy Box – Marvel Legends Captain Marvel

Posted by on Aug 19, 2013 in Toy Box | 0 comments

I loved Marvel Legends. Especially when they were cheap and affordable. During the series 15 wave, or the M.O.D.O.K. series one of my all time favorite characters got the Marvel Legends treatment. Mar-Vell aka Captain Marvel. I was super excited about this one that I think I bought three of them but could never find the variant. Almost every figure from the Legends line had a variant.Mar-Vell’s variant was his son, Genis-Vell or Legacy. Or Captain Marvel. Or Photon. Whatever he wants to be called. These are easy to come by on eBay or Amazon or anywhere really. I like the sculpt of it and as always many articulated joints. My only problem with it, is that Mar-Vell looks like he has a hump, cause I could never stand him up straight. He always looked to me like he...

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When Nerds Collide # 23 – It’s kinda scary

Posted by on Aug 18, 2013 in Comics, Books and Such, Podcasts | 0 comments

Check under your bed! Look in the closet! Its Dan and Tom with special guest Rachel Pandich from Skin crawling comics are coming at ya through your ear holes! In this spooktacular episode Tom goes over some two sentence horror stories and Dan has a list of things that scared him as a child and starts to cry, then Rachel laughs at them both. We tried to make it a scary show, but with all the banter and the colorful commentary going back and forth that really doesn’t happen. So turn out the lights, grab your blanky and get ready to cry because its scary to listen to. Or you could be crying because it’s funny to listen to. Or maybe your crying cause you stepped on a Lego. I hate it when that happens. Wanna follow Rachel on...

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