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The Toy Box – Reno Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

DSCF6452DSCF6455Say hello to Reno of the Turks from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

This was the first figure from the Advent Children line I bought. One of the main reasons I bought it was because my wife loved this character. I also really enjoyed the way it looked. The sculpt on it really good. The hair alone  amazed me. I felt it was really cool looking. He came with several sets of hand and a stand for different cool poses. I would have a picture of the hands, but I’m not sure what happened to them. My guess is the dog got a hold of them. After I bought Reno, Several more figures came along. If you like this Play Arts action figure as much as I do, there is a link below to purchase it off of Amazon.41HuCQP23UL

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