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Wolverine #90

I don’t mean to over do the Wolverine on the site here, but this is another Wolverine comic that really struck a chord with me. This was the first time I really saw Logan do harm to another living creature instead of cutting guns, or robots or threatening people. This was a big deal for my time as well. Wolverine verses Sabretooth, sure they fought all the time, but this was the fight of fights. Victor was basically telling Logan he was a push over and that when he lets him go free, like Logan always does, he’s going to go and torture and kill all the people  in Wolverine’s life he’s cared for. Mid monologue, Wolverines claw comes up through Sabretooth’s head, and Wolverine lobotomizes him. It was the coolest thing I’ve seen Wolvie do at that point. Victor was no longer a threat to anyone, and Wolverine proved that he is the best as what he does. Protecting his friends. And selling books. He’s really good at that.


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