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Wolverine #79


In the Snikt! episode when I was talking about one of my favorite Wolverine story lines, and I had mentioned Wolverine #75 when his bone claws are exposed for the first time. This issue was Written by Larry Hama and illustrated by Adam Kubert. A few issues right after the Fatal Attractions story line, where magneto ripped the adamantium out of Wolverine, he finds himself training in the danger room, where Professor X and the X-men looking on and making sure that Logan is doing ok. Then he gets beaten up a little and proceeds to use his claws. At this point in time I was unaware if he even had claws, or what. I was always under the impression that the Weapon X project gave them to him with the adamantium laced bones. This one splash page by Kubert answered my question. In a God awful way, but it answered it. This page made me realize how bad his claws must hurt him every time he uses them. Definitely a memorable moment to me and always will be.




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