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Thing Ring do your thing!



Way back in 1979, Hanna-Barbera decided to have Fred and Barney meet the Thing from the Fantastic Four. I suppose that’s a cool idea if you have no idea what your doing and your stoned at the time. However, its just the Thing. No mention of his origin, no mention of the Fantastic Four and lets just completely forget anything that has to do with what make the Thing a character. What they decided to do, was make the concept the stupidest idea to have ever formed in the mind of a human being! In the cartoon, Ben Grimm is actually a kid in high school that uses his powers to help his friends when they get into trouble. I know what what your thinking, that its not too stupid, but wait! There’s more. To form into the Thing, Benjy Grimm (that’s what they call him)  has a ring on each hand, and when he touches them together and says. “Thing ring do your thing”, he becomes the Thing. Stupid enough for ya? It was only a few episodes and ran in about 10 minute because that’s all kids could stand without having to gouge their own eyes out with their cereal spoon. Want a small taste of this masterpiece? Here ya go! –


Tom and I bring this up a few times in the show because we think it’s just so silly and laughable. It’s just a ridiculous concept. The reason for this post is because I have just recently read the latest issue of the Freedom Foundation (or just the FF) and the Thing cartoon was actually referenced. Referenced to a point where I feel it will be making a regular appearance.

In this comic written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Mike Allred, teammates of Ms. Thing where trying to help her with her Thing suit. Darla Deering wears a suit that gives here the powers of the Thing, but it has no head. Anyway, you can see in the panels below that Matt Fraction has really reached into the vault to use the ‘Thing rings’ for Darla. I don’t know if I want to shake his hand at the humor, or shake my head at the shame.





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