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Major Victory

tumblr_m15d2spDj01r8g9wdo1_500In reference to the last episode I would like to prove how cool Vance Astro (or Astrovik) looks as Major Victory, and show  Tom how wrong he is about this character!

Just to catch you up, Vance went on a quest to find the lost shield of Captain America. Upon doing so, he was injured and his containment suit became damaged.  He was soon healed by Krugarr, Doctor Strange’s former apprentice , who also freed him from his suit. That’s all I’m really going to get into because Vance has an extensive origin and it would take an entire day to go over it. But, if you would like, here’s his wiki page!

Seriously! How cool does this guy look? He may look lame to you now in the year 2013, but in the mid 90’s, he was freakin’ cool! =Dan010a 1818170-major_victory___guardians_of_the_galaxy_23 1795115-major_victory___guardians_of_the_galaxy_20


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