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Captain America 2 teaser poster released

933872_10151766704059804_1914564485_nSo Marvel Studios released a teaser poster for Captain America 2 and to be honest I’m kinda of concerned. Is this going to be one of those cliché moments where this movie will be the fall of Cap and the third film will be his recovery? Isn’t that what normally always happens in these sort of things?

The first film is an origin and introduction the character, the second film is typically his downfall, then the third becomes his redemption in some sort of twist that wraps up the trilogy in a nice neat package. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I’m just hoping that it won’t be predictable.

It also appears to me that this movie is straying away from the red, white, and blue theme. Not seeing a whole lot of it. Between the different costume and now this poster. I don’t mind change, don’t get me wrong, but that scheme is kinda Cap’s thing. It would be if Batman dropped the whole ‘Bat’ thing but still called himself Batman.

I suppose that’s why they are called teasers to get people talking about the film and generate buzz around its film. Well played, Hollywood. Well played

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