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The Hero We Need!

I have been in the vending business since the late 1980’s, so in addition to my love for comics, I also have a  love all things Pepsi! Little did I realize, one day my two loves would meet and have a strange child. In the mid 90’s, advertisers with Pepsi in Japan came up with PEPSIMAN! pepsiPepsiman would show up whenever people were thirsty and quench their thirst. In the process of leaving, however, he would normally injure himself. They made 12 commercials, most of which you can watch here:

The character was designed by comic artist Travis Charest and has gone through several incarnations. There have been several action figures and several series of bottle cap figurines, most of them very silly. There are many of them available on eBay

pepsimanCIMG1005pepsimanfrontultra_5Pepsiman was a guest-star in Sega’s port of Fighting Vipers and starred in his own PS One game, but was never officially brought to the US. But maybe one day, if your thirst is great, Pepsiman will show up to save the day. Just don’t ask him about his mouth.

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