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Go home Hollywood! You’re drunk!

planeteers-youthSeriously? Is this really a thing? Sony pictures is actually going to go through with a Captain Planet and the Planeteers movie. Why? Are we really running low on ideas? I know what your thinking Sony, that it’s working pretty well for all those other old cartoons that are now being turned into movies so lets buy up any property we can and make it fantastic! Not gonna happen. I loved Captain Planet as a kid, and when I look back on it now, it’s pretty damn lame. At least when Hasbro created  cartoons it was a ploy to buy their toys. By the way, mission accomplished Hasbro!

So I guess Ted Turner wanted to  reach out to kids and create a cartoon for the sake of the environment to get them to stop buying toys and plant shrubs and hug trees or something. Not gonna happen. I was busy making my Autobots slaughter Cobra. My point is They would have to make Captain Planet a violent dramatic Superhero movie with an undertone of saving the whales, or it’s just not going to work. No one took this Cartoon seriously then, nor do I think they will today.  People just remember the catchy theme song it had like everyone other cartoon in the early 90’s. We also tend to remember the Captain’s sweet, sweet flattop-mullet hair style. Ahh the 90’s. No on really missed your fashion sense.

Remember Hollywood, just because something is  nostalgic doesn’t mean it’s good.


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