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Two fan boys and two long time friends talking about everything that's nerdtastic!

The Heroes and Villains Podcast

the_profileJust wanted to do the cool friend thing and promote and inform everyone once again about the Heroes and Villains podcast by Bruce Leslie.

Every week, Bruce aka The Hour glass of shakin’ ass, spotlights a different character and really gets in-depth with it. From costume, to origin to influences, it’s definitely a well-informed show. He has done popular comic characters as well as those that people are not to familiar with. It’s great way to catch up and learn something new about your favorite hero or villain and it’s an even better way to catch up on someone who you knew absolutely nothing about. Ever heard of someone and you say to yourself , who the hell is that guy? Well Bruce will let you know and you don’t have to do any reading  what so ever! He does all the research!

Every now and then he also has different guest hosts which is always entertaining and twice as informative.  If you ever find yourself wondering about a certain character email Bruce at about it and I’m sure he’ll be happier than Captain America playing Frisbee to spotlight that character for you. You can Find the link to this awesome show by clicking on the picture or by clicking here, here or…….HERE!  He is also in the Twitterverse @hvpodcast, So enjoy and tell Bruce we said Hi! Also, tell him we want our two dollars.

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