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Dan’s first encounter with Superman

superman-75I think it’s safe to say that the majority of the people around my age all had the same first experience with Superman. He was thoughtful, and gentle and caring. All that and more on the Superfriends cartoon show. This cartoon was not only my first exposure to the Man of Steel, but comic book characters in general. I got most of the figures, and the Hall of Justice and cool stuff like that. My parents bought me Superman comic when they happened across them in the grocery stores, but I still didn’t think he was awesome. Just kinda saw him as a dude in a cape in these cartoons

Superman_III_posterThen came the movies! Oh, how wonderful those were at the tender age of 8. Superman III was the thing that sticks out the most to me. Seeing the movie developed something new to me. I started to see what made this guy cool. No, not cool. Super-Cool!! Then I discovered Superman III. There was one scene in that movie I saw as a kid that changed everything. In the movie Clark is in Smallville and this little boy is passed out in a field with the Harvester headed in his direction. Then Clark runs on one side of the fence so fast that he changes into Superman and flies off to save the child. I thought that was the damn coolest thing ever. To see that he was so fast to pull something like that off was amazing. No, not amazing. Super-Amazing!! That’s basically where I first encountered and started to really know who Superman was. Over the years, it blossomed into comics, then the Justice League then a few DC titles in general.

My hope is that maybe, just maybe, the new Man of Steel movie will do the same thing for some little boy out there this current generation. No, not generation. Super-Generation!


Having said that I went on YouTube and actually found the scene from Superman III that was amazing to me. I remember it being a lot cooler as a kid. In my 7 year old eye it was so dramatic and awesome and super fast, when the actual video it’s kinda lame looking. I broke the one rule about childhood memories. If you loved it as a child, never watch it as an adult. That’s why I still haven’t watched Supergirl. Loved it as a kid, refuse to watch it now. No matter how much my child’s mind stretched the imagery of Clark changing behind that fence, it will always be bad ass to me.

So, here’s the video it’s only about the first minute or so. Pretend your 7 then you’ll see where i’m coming from.


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