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Dan plays Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice-logo_art Injustice: Gods Among Us is a really fun fighting game. It’s great to play as your favorite DC character and fight other people whether they are good guys are bad guys.

I really enjoy the story line of it. Basically, Joker plants a detonator in Lois Lanes’ heart that is attached to a bomb in Metropolis. He gases Superman into thinking that Lois is Doomsday, Superman kills Lois, thereby blowing up the city. Superman snaps, finds the Joker and rips his frickin’ heart out!! How great is that?!

Such a cool take on an alternative dimension on what it would be like if Superman was put under the right amount of pressure and just snapped. He would take over the world, that’s what he would do! He becomes the savior of the world making it just one nation in a manner of speaking. Some heroes see his point of view and join his side by protecting the world in their way, while the others form another team to bring Supes down. This group goes by the name The Insurgents and, is of course, led by Batman. They feel he’s fighting the wrong fight and is out of control taking things out of hand. Then Heroes from the actual DC universe gets pulled into that world and that’s how the game explains heroes fighting heroes. There was also some comic books released by  Tom Taylor and illustrated by Jheremy Raapack that were a prequel to the game itself.



I would love to talk about how great the story wrapped up but unfortunately, the game froze my Xbox. So I replaced it, came home and that one, also froze my Xbox. Needless to say my gaming console refuses to let me finish this game. I’m assuming that the game ends on a good note. Not Sure. Taking a guess.


The game play is really fun as well. Done by the same team that made the Mortal Kombat games, the control scheme is set up almost the exact same way. I’m no stranger to this method being that I’ve played the Mortal Kombat games since they were first released, However, that doesn’t mean I’ve enjoyed them my whole life. With these games, to make a character do a cool move it consists of a timely manner of button pushing sequencing. If I wanted Batman to throw a batarang, I would have to hold back on the directional pad, then quickly press forward and the ‘A’ button at the same time. Doesn’t sound to complicated, but I’m not good enough to remember all the button patterns and directional flow to make Green Lantern to something cool. I’m more of a ‘button mashing’ fighting game player, That means, I’ll just push a bunch of buttons on the controller and hopefully something cool will happen and I’ll win. Thank you for this ability Capcom.

Even though I don’t have the skill set to kick ass on this game, I still really enjoy playing as all my favorite DC characters. It’s so cool to be the Flash and beat up Batman, or see Wonder Woman beat the crap outta Deathstroke. It’s such a great experience.

injustice-gods-among-us-trailer_174vnSo I haven’t played online against other people, but I’m sure its fun and I’m sure I’ll get my ass kicked. Let’s say my Xbox lets me play this game I think the review would go like this –

Online play sucks! Cause I’m no good at it, and the people won’t let me win, and I get frustrated and I think it’s stupid that when I pick Superman the other guy playing as Nightwing totally kicks my ass and wins. Horse shit!!!!! I’m Superman!

So in a nutshell, I had a really good time playing this game, and maybe one day I’ll finish it. It’s definitely a good game to check out.

I give it 8 Joker Hearts out of 10


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