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There is magic in the world once again

Remember when you use to believe in magic? You knew it was out there but wasn’t to sure. When you were sleeping as a little kid and your tooth is missing and instead are some coins. That feeling you have. The joy of realizing that the things you heard about were not just impossible, but now true. As you get older that feeling fades. Then it happens. You get a message from the heavens. The Gods showing you that magic still exists in the world and that it’s OK to believe once again. To have that feeling of excitement and the ability to embrace the impossible. Then the Gods prove it to you by giving the world this one magical moment –

J Lo looking like Gossamer from the Looney Tunes.

I’ll tell you what, this shit is amazing. All it took was one moment in J Lo’s performance in the Billboard 2013 Music Awards to give us that little bit of magic in our lives. If Peter Pan ever came through my window right now and told me to think of happy thoughts to fly to Neverland, all I’d have to do is remember these pictures, and I’ll be able to fly at the speed of light.



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