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Who could be Who?

196212As many a Whovian now knows, Matt Smith is leaving Dr. Who after 3 seasons. Dan and I were discussing this sad fact and I got to thinking, American networks love to take BBC shows and cast an American spin on them. Shows like The Office and Being Human were BBC shows first, but were remade with an American cast. Well, what if Fox or CBS decided to do that with our good Doctor?550w_cult_doctor_who_0601_04_1

My main question is, who do you think would make a good American version of the Doctor? How about his companion? How about the Master?

Dan , off the top of his head, named Fringe’s Joshua Jackson and I responded with Firefly’s Nathan Fillion.


Ziegfeld Theatre

Who do you think would make a good American Doctor? Let us know here at When Nerds Collide, and we will discuss it on next weeks episode.




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