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Way To Go, DC!

8409_400x600For the first time, I’m glad to have my own little soapbox upon which to rant.  I just read that DC has cancelled the Legion of Super-Heroes. I have always been a fan of the Legion. The first comic I owned was a Legion book, Adventure #300.(The barber gave it to me when I was three to get me to stop crying).  The Legion is the only series of which I have EVERY published issue. Even when it was bad, it was good.  This set of figures is one of the jewels of my collection:

$T2eC16V,!y8E9s2fjtViBQBilTUPPg~~60_35 I was overjoyed when I learned that there was going to be a Legion animated series, even though it was treated poorly by the network, and even now isn’t shown on any of Warner’s channels. It wasn’t AMAZING, but it had potential, and only lasted two seasons.Legion of the Super Heroes

Even Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, two of DC’s big dogs, love the Legion


So jump forward to DC’s new 52. Beast boy is red, Wally West and Donna Troy are nowhere to be found and Superman has no trunks. (I’m sure that’s why comic sales are down. Superman’s trunks. Not $4 books, but Kal’s underwear).  So with DC’s latest cuts,  they’ve cancelled two of the ever shrinking list of titles I get from them, the other being Threshold.  They had already cancelled Legion Lost, which I didn’t really enjoy, but it was the Legion and I hoped it would get better. I hope that DC will include some incarnation of the Legion in a future round of titles,  but I’m not holding my breath. On that note, Long Live the Legion!


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