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Flashback Friday – Captain America Secret Wars firgure


I wanted to do this post on one of the first action figures I ever remember owning.  I remember my dad coming home and giving me this figure.  Not only was it kick ass, but it also started my love for Captain America.  I eventually got other Secret Wars figures and of course the Super Friends followed along, but this one stick out of my mind the most.


32264cd7-c74c-4aa2-a9b8-ef431dc81feaCaptain America  was so cool looking to me, and he had that shield with the picture in it that changed images when you tilted it. Early 80’s technology at it’s best.  All the heroes had round shields and all the villains had square ones. The paint on the figures  rubbed off pretty quick and they didn’t exactly have 34 points of articulation, but they were still fun.  I remember owning a lot of them, but I recall owning several Caps and Dr. Dooms because I wore them out, or the dog ate the arm off of Doom, or I would tie a string around one and spin it over my head just for the string to come untied and see Cap gain unexpected flight abilities and a weakness against traffic. PB250175-1


All in all they were great childhood toys.  I’m sure I might still have one or two lying around in my parents house somewhere.



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