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Flashback Friday – Ducktales

ducktales.1363971225In reference to this up coming podcast about cartoons and in addition to a new segment named “Flashback Friday” I decided to talk a little about one of my favorite cartoons, Duck Tales!




Let’s take a walk hand in hand through the streets of Duckberg!  I loved this cartoon! I was always so much fun. I remember watching it every day during the  “Disney afternoon’ block. Who else remembers that?  They would show, DuckTales, Chip and Dale’s rescue Rangers, Goof Troop, Talespin, and other shows would come and go.   Ducktales was on the air from ’87 ‘ – ’90 and ran 100 episodes. Not to shabby. It made it for syndication so it was still on Disney for years after that.  A lot of the episode were actually based on the early comic book writing of Carl Barks.



I always loved all the different adventures in this show. It was original to me as a kid. I was always excited to watch it cause i knew something adventurous or funny would happen. Like, race cars  or lasers, or airplanes!   Several things attracted me to this money bin of animated fun.  As a kid I  read some of the Scrooge McDuck comics and I was also big Donald Duck fan so I naturally saw similarities in the show and became hooked.




The characters were also really memorable. From the unsuccessful attempts of the Beagle Boys to rob Scrooge of his fortune, or Magica De Spell wanting Scrooge’s ‘Number one Dime’ for her spells. You know, even as a kid I never understood why she needed a dime for her magic. Seemed kinda lame. Like her powers are a vending machine and she needs a dime to select number H7 which would blow up the helicopter Scrooge and his nephews are in. I also really liked good ole’ quirky inventor Gyro Gearloose.  From his time tub to one of my personal favorites, when Scrooge wanted Gyro to build him a guard for his money, and he ended up building the Gizmo duck armor. Man that was great. Blatterin’ blaterskite indeed, Fenton Crackshell.  One of the most memorable characters in the show that I feel that everyone loved was Launchpad McQuack. I never understood why Scrooge hired him anyway.  He always crashed. Then again, he made for excellent comic relief.  Later one, when Ducktales would end, Launchpad moved over to Darkwing Duck. He persona changed a little and he became a little less goofy (no Disney pun intended).  Coincidentally, Gizmo Duck also showed up there a few times.   Of course Huey, Dewy, and Louie were, I felt, the backbone of the show. The three nephews were always either getting into trouble or saving the day.  They were mischievous but lovable  They got kinda creepy too in that one episode that took place in the future and they were all grown up and became worse than Scrooge. That never set right with me. The thing I loved about this show was that it was always exciting.  It was such an impact on me as a child i still remembered the names of a lot of the characters and some episodes very clearly. Even the movie, Treasure of the lost Lamp is still a great to me.




Just like the show, the video game released on the NES was just as fun.  Everyone I have talked to that played this game loved it. So you can imagine that I got super excited when I discovered that its being remastered and re-released. Don’t believe me? Check out this link!  Still don’t believe me, then you’re in duck-denial.



I hope that reading this brought back a lot of good memories if you loved Ducktales as much as I did.  From great characters to a catchy theme song, and tons of excitement it was hard not to fall in love with this show. So remember, if your ever having a bad day, like work is awful, annoying people, D-d-d-danger so you need to watch behind you or there’s a stranger out to find you, just go home and watch some Ducktales! (whoo hoo)  conveniently on DVD here at Amazon!!!!




  1. Every time I see the word Ducktales I always have to sing the Woo ooo! part that come at the end of the opening credits.

  2. As do I. and then the whole theme song follows

  3. Because of his middle name, Fauntleroy, Donald is currently the only major Disney character with an official middle name.

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