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Man of Steel Trailer

man-of-steel-banner-titleI know I know.  It was just released today and it’s already old news.  You know what?  I don’t care, I’m gonna post it anyway, so naaahhhh!

Even though I’m still not sure about this movie I’m going to go see it anyway.  Like mentioned before in the last podcast, fans are a bit reluctant due to the past films and to be honest the first trailer didn’t really show much.  This new trailer however makes the movie look a lot better.  I’m a sucker for superman films. Just like the majority of fans out there, I grew up with the last son of Krypton. Superman has impacted my childhood so much that even after all these crappy movies in the past, I’m always going to go back to him and give him another chance.

I just realized I’m in an abusive relationship with Kal-El.

Go to the image above for the new trailer and prepared to be super amazed! Ha!


  1. I’m a little offended you didn’t post the Thor 2 Trailer as well. Playing favorites are we?

  2. not at all. Just haven’t gotten around to it. Hell, I’ll do it right now

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