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detailThis is my favorite issue of Fantastic Four, #232. Byrne’s artwork was at it’s best and his writing skills were really starting to show. It’s a shame that compared with today’s standards, with computerized coloring and whatnot, that it’s a hot mess. As you can tell by the cover, Diablo is the villain. He sends elemental constructs to fight the Four when they are separate from each other. The  elements of the constructs are not the same elements of the team member they are fighting. For example, the water creature attacks Ben while the air creature attacks Johnny. Of course,  the team eventually triumphs, and captures Diablo with a little help from guest star, Dr. Strange.

The action is great, but it’s the little things like Sue getting a new hairstyle and Johnny and Frankie getting back together, that make this issue my favorite. It reflects Byrne’s entire run and his efforts to make Sue a more interesting character, and to focus on the human aspects of the characters, as well as the super-human. On a side note, there is a famous song from the early 1900’s called “Frankie and Johnny”. –> Big T

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