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Fantastic Four favorite!

What_If_Vol_2_30 In our fourth podcast I had mentioned a Fantastic Four story, even though it’s a What If…? issue, I still consider it one of my favorite  FF stories.

Way back in Fantastic Four issue #276, tragedy struck the Richards’ life when Sue Storm had a miscarriage (Thanks for dark dose of reality John Byrne!)  That’s where this issue of What If…? #30 volume 2 comes in to play.   Written by Jim Valentino and drawn by Dale Eaglesham, it’s a double feature wondering what would happen if the second child had lived.

ff01In the first part of this double feature  Franklin starts having visions of his mom dying, and she did while giving birth to Susie.  The nightmares didn’t stop for Frankie, soon everyone else started to drop dead. Turns out, Susie was a succubus type creature, draining those around her of their life force.  This little girl had plans, and no amount of juice boxes or crappy children T.V. shows was going to get in her way.


ff02Alicia Masters dies, Johnny gets sick and dies, Ben Grimm gets gunned down (he was in human form if you were asking yourself how that could have happened), and Franklin also points out to his dad, that her classmates are also dropping dead. Being that Susie is daddy’s little girl, Reed wants to hear none of this and reacts in a way only a calm and loving father can, a giant-sized hand slap to his kids face! WAP!


ff04Desperate, he seeks the aid of Dr. Doom.  Doom agrees and they head back to the Baxter building to stop them and eliminate Susie. When they show up, Reed flips outs and starts beating on Victor as hard as one can with big rubber fists. Doom drops Reed like a sack of potatoes and tells Susie to run.







ff05Then, she turns into her true form, an alien looking creature. Mister Fantastic aka ‘daddy denial’ realizes that Franklin was right this entire time (too little too late, genius).  Susie then process to drain the life force from Dr. Doom, turning him into Dr. Dead.





Franklin then blasts her (it) into the Negative Zone where she (it) is sealed up.  Then Annihilus was all like, ‘hey thanks for dropping in, whats for dinner good looking’? And She was all like, ‘You,bitch!’  Reed dies and Franklin walks away, victorious but alone. (awwwww)



ff08Part two, written by Ron Marz and drawn by Rurik Tyler, my favorite by the way, takes on the idea of what would happen if the Richards’ daughter had lived.  Guess who else lived? Sue  Storm!  Huzzah!  Both ladies live and are doing great.




ff09Susie’s mutant abilities here are kind of the opposite here, instead of killing, she has the ability to heal people, and apparently dogs, both psychically and emotionally.





ff10This starts a big movement for her because she becomes a huge activist, mutants, minorities  green peace, you name it, she voiced it.  The government saw this as a big threat.





ff11Since the Avengers is owned by the government, they were given strict instructions not to attend any of Susie’s rally’s.   After Captain America relayed the message to the fellow members, they all quit under the term of ‘it’s a free country, blah blah blah, Susie should be allowed to protest, blah blah blah’.

The Avengers – “Hey Cap, can we all go to the cool hipster protest that’s lead by Susie Richards?”

Cap – “No! Cause mom and dad said we can’t!” “Screw you man! We’ll do what we want!”

Doesn’t he look all sad and depressed?

ff12Henry Gyrich is then hired to stop Susie any way he can.  During a huge rally where hundreds of people and mutants alike are gathered, Susie is about to give some positive speech about something, I don’t know, maybe something like, can’t we all just get along, or save the whales  or maybe even, lets all pull together some cash and buy Uatu some pants.  Then in the middle of her speech, Cap shows up, and stabs the bitch to get his point across.  I was all like, whaaaaa?

ff13Then a riot breaks out and everyone starts to turn on one another, like this moron trying to punch Iron Man. I’m sure he ended up breaking all the bones in his hand, and even breaking off a part of his pride.




Then Susie, while bleeding all over the place, uses her abilities to calm the massive crowd and passes out while doing so.  Then she wakes up in the hospital where there is a candle light vigil for her and everyone is happy (awwww) ff14

I love this comic. I thought the stories told from both sides of the spectrum were done very well. As for my most favoritest part in the history of ever, was the epilogue,  I got so pumped when I read this that it’s still one of my favorite moments in comic history. I’ll let the page speak for itself (Damn, Captain America is a bad ass!)




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