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Side Show Collectables new Ultron Comiquette

ultron statueWow! Just wow.  This is an amazing statue of Ultron from Sideshowcollectables is a reason why I’m glad to be a nerd.  The detail is amazing and each part of him is hand sculpted.  With it being crafted in 1:5 scale and reaching in over a foot tall, you’ll need both hands to carry it to show it off.  Lets be honest, if you have this baby, your hands aren’t exactly full of girls waiting on the phone to talk to you.

At a sweet $349.99, its cheaper than creating your own maniacally deranged robot fitted with your own brainwaves. Unless your a super genius and you have already done so. In that case you should have a lot of money. Enough to buy one for me. Please?

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