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Zut alors! The French invade Captain America 2

Captain-America-The-Winter-Soldier-bannerIt was just reveled that the UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre is playing Batroc the Leaper in Captain America 2, the winter solier. 


morebatrocHere is the run down on Batroc.  He has no superhuman powers, but he is in peak physical condition.  He is a master in the french fighting style of Savant (french kick boxing) excellent agility and fighting capabilities, blah blah  blah blah. Look, it breaks down like this, he’s a french guy who’s really good a fighting, thievery,  leaping, and being lame. I’ve heard a lot of people say that he’s an under rated Cap villain to them I say, he’s not even a rated villain.  He’s just a bad guy who loves money and can last a long time in a fight with Cap.  Nothing interesting about him at all. French mercenary thief. That’s it, people!



georges-st-pierre-108005969_10I don’t know much about UFC fighters, but Georges St-Pierre sounds like a bad ass!  French-Canadian Georges St-Pierre (or better known as GSP) is the current Welterweight champion of the UFC and has been for several years.  He has the build for the part  as well as  the accent.  In my opinion the only way to help Batroc from being Lame-roc,  is if they ditch the horrible suit and give him some dignity by making him somewhat interesting.   At this point the only way Batroc will win a fight against Captain America will be if  Cap is doubled over in pain from laughing so hard at Suckass the leaper.


Lets take a villain count – Winter soldier, Crossbones, Zola, Batroc, and a rumored Baron Zemo cameo. I hope Marvel Movies know what there doing, and we don’t have ourselves a Spider-Man 3 situation. My brain still hurts from that one.


Also actor Robert Redford has signed on to play Alexander Goodwin Pierce.  A sleeper agent and  he majored at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy in civilian surveillance, and served in the Accounting Department. He;s also been a bodyguard for Nick Fury a few times.  My guess is that he’ll play second-hand to Fury in this movie, much like Maria Hill did in the Avengers.





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