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Angela and Neil are back? Marvel at the idea!

Hey! Remember Angela? Yeah, 89447-13251-angela_superI barely do as well.  Neil Gaiman has finally won the rights to the character from Todd McFarlane and then trotted over to Marvel comics.

(Knocks on Marvel headquarters) “Hey Axel, It’s me, Neil Gaiman! I’m totally cool about writing for you guys again, under one condition. If I come back, you also have to take my newly acquired character, Angela! You remember? Angela! She hunted Spawn. Nice rack.  Big hair. Angela!”   Axel rolls eyes, lets out a big sigh and opens the doors.

It’s already been announced that Angela will show up at the end of the Age of Ultron story arc and make her way into Guardians of the Galaxy #5.  Keep reading Age of Ultron though because Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso has stated that she is not the spoiler. There is a BIG ending coming that we have to wait for.

Not sure about you but this surprised the hell out of me.  Also, expect an update to her attire. I highly doubt they are going to stay with the half-naked armor. Perhaps they’ll switch to half-naked leotard.


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