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Welcome back, Jon Stewart. It’s like you never left.

2366502_JohnStewart-xlgSo apparently the writer of two Green Lantern books, Joshua Fialkov,  was about to quit the series.   It seemed that he found out that DC had plans to kill off one of the Green Lanterns, Jon Stewart. This was not part of his original story arc for the series. Upset about this he decided to leave.

Due to the outrage of fans who heard of the leaked story line,  DC has decided to not kill off Stewart.

Nerd rage?  Is that all it takes? Are you telling me, that if fan boys cried and complained hard enough, we would still have Ted Kord?  As if we don’t have enough Green Lanterns, would one less really have been so bad? Besides, they would have just brought him back a month later in some sort of time-twisting-alternate-secret-child-of-the-gods story line.


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