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Doctor Who? More like, doctor amazing!

Ok I’ll admit it, I’ve become a huge Doctor Who fan over time.  I never watched the show until recently.  I had nothing against it, I just didn’t bother.   All of a sudden, I started seeing Doctor Who stuff everywhere, TARDIS this, and Cybermen that, and “Don’t Blink”.  Every nerd culture site I visited became saturated with the Doctor.  I assumed it was just an over hyped trendy British sci-fi show that the hipster kids liked.  It wasn’t until Tom pestered the shit out of me to watch it, that I caved in and did so.  I’m so glad he did. Man was I wrong!

I started with the 2005 season starring Christopher Eccleston and started to like it.  I really got into it near the end.  Then when it did end and David Tennant took over I was in love with it.  I can’t think of  another TV show that completely sucked me in to the story, and made me want to go out and find these characters and take them all out to dinner and dancing.  I can’t get over how well written the show is.  No matter how insignificant you think something is, it all comes together like a puzzle or a Monet painting, doesn’t make much sense at first, but when you step back and see the full picture – MIND BLOWN!!

It’s also really hard not to love the people in the show, from the lovable Rose, all the way to the very witty Donna, and of course, the clever and classy Doctor himself.  Even the secondary characters are great.  Again, I can’t get over how much I fell in love with and got involved in this show.

I have just recently finish the end of series 4, the end of the Tennant run, and the beginning of Matt Smith so I’m totally excited that my journey with the good Doctor is far from over.


the doctor



  2. My favorite show ever. David Tennant it’s my favorite doctor and Donna my favorite companion. So glad you found the show. March 30 is the new season! Whoohoo!!!

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